2019 ACES  - Association Of A Community Engaged In Sharing



Provide business training to all individuals to succeed and grow within their communities.




Building an integrated, socially cohesive Canadian society by promoting cross-cultural understanding and facilitating positive interaction among different cultural, ethnic and mainstream communities.

CORE Values









Team work


Providing Ethnic, Indigenous and Mainstream communities hands-on experience within the Canadian workplace and helping those already working in overcoming barriers to their progress.

Helping youth from diverse backgrounds as well as from Mainstream communities learn from each others' experiences in regards with people and cultural skills required to navigate through life in general, business and job markets in particular.


Promoting citizenship rights and responsibilities among Ethnic, Indigenous and Mainstream communities.


Building gender equality, family, women, seniors & homeless rights, opportunities for people with special needs and opportunities for Indigenous people.


Improving responsiveness of institutions to the needs of a diverse population. Actively engaging in discussions on diversity issues at the local, regional, and national levels


Promoting and facilitating intercultural understanding between youth, youth and seniors and youth and their families from various Ethnic, Indigenous and Mainstream backgrounds and communities.