2019 ACES  - Association Of A Community Engaged In Sharing


Theresa Stanley - PRESIDENT

Theresa Stanley is a professional martial artist and health and fitness educator. She is a  6th Degree black belt in Taekwondo, 11-time international competitor, and head coach of the Phoenix Taekwondo Club.  Off the training floor, she is the social media and marketing talent behind the uber successful Phoenix organization earning her the 2018 Superlative Entrepreneur Of The Year award. With her fierce leadership, Phoenix boasts 8 locations with a 9th location opening in Sherwood Park in 2019. This year marks the launch of her Girls on Fire workshops - a movement dedicated to mentoring girls ages 9-14 through workshops on confidence, wellness, fitness and self defence. Empowering womankind, young and old, she is a real life Wonder Woman. 


Patti-Lou Cumby - VICE PRESIDENT 

Owner/Broker Cumby Insurance. The brokerage offers the following types of insurances: auto, home,  commercial and travel insurance. She has worked in the insurance industry for the past 23 years.  She holds a Level 3 licensing with the Alberta Insurance Council which is the highest level of licensing you can hold in Alberta.  Patti-Lou holds a General insurance license, a Life insurance license and an Accident and Sickness license. 



Bonnie Jensen Walker - TREASURER 

Dynamic and highly qualified full cycle bookkeeper and payroll manager with extensive knowledge of accounting and payroll processes with key strengths in planning, problem solving and customer relations. Bonnie is educated through Grant MacEwan College, NAIT and Athabasca University.  Bonnie is an entrepreneur managing her own bookkeeping company.


Patricia Ward - SECRETARY

Graduated as a secretary in 1958. Patricia has been a travel agent since 1986 with extensive training with Air Canada and Canadian Airlines. Her expertise is in excellence in detail.



Zandra Bell - BOARD MEMBER

The awarding-winning motivational humorist and Global Woman of Vision, , creating inspirational hilarity customized to her clients' workplace challenges and corporate reality. Designed to unite and empower her audiences, Zandra’s keynote presentations are the best solution to resolving stress, maximizing employee engagement and boosting staff productivity. Client testimonials proclaim, “Zandra Bell is face hurting funny”. In demand, as well, as an innovative marketing mentor, Zandra combines her creative vision with her brilliant wordsmithing to enlighten entrepreneurs on the art of Ingenious Business Revitalization. International best-selling author, speaking talent and business success catalyst, Zandra is simply creativity personified!


Debra Couwenberg - BOARD MEMBER

Astute business woman and animal lover, Debra Couwenberg still recalls the heartbreak of her beloved cat, Diva’s passing. Debra’s unwavering commitment to suitably commemorate Diva’s life of loyalty and devotion, however, actually inspired her successful passion project. WhiskerTorium Innovative Pet Memorials is an exclusive selection of unique artworks designed to honour your cherished pet’s cremains, while enhancing your surroundings. From breathtaking blown-glass receptacles and spirit orbs, to personalized oil paintings, the demand for these inventive “WhiskerToriums” has Debra continually innovating and expanding.

Our pets mean everything to us. Treasure the memory of their life for the rest of yours.