2019 ACES  - Association Of A Community Engaged In Sharing

Dorothy Briggs is a name synonymous with the power behind women as a driving force in the business community.  This vibrant, dynamic leader has become an undeniable catalyst for women effectively connecting, and collaborating for the greater good. Gifted with an ardent entrepreneurial spirit, Dorothy has received endless accolades for her accomplishments as the founder and publisher of Womanition® Magazine, a venture so successful that it quickly led to an entire network of Womanition Connect Groups throughout the province uplifting and empowering women in countless communities. Pursuing her passion, the indomitable Ms Briggs continues to educate, motivate, and inspire business women, honing the talents of the up and coming through the thriving Womanition Mentorship Program, and the Womanition “BizBrigade” Leadership Conferences throughout the year, rightfully honouring their achievements as well, through her latest project, the innovative Womanition SuPEARLative Awards.


Divorce Magazine was conceived because of a need for people going through a impossible time of grief, lose, disconnection and much more. The magazine, a resource for people to reach out to the professionals who offer expertise to encourage them to grow in themselves beyond this troubled time legally, financially and spiritually, etc.  Divorce magazine has just won its 1st award for Special Edition Publication. A Divorce Symposium is now offered to provide information in an all-day event. The Edmonton Event is Feb 4, 2017 held at Northlands Expo Centre and Calgary “Resilience” is March 18, 2017 held at the Glenmore Inn.


ACEs Association of a Community Engaged in Sharing is to assist women to overcome gender barriers in fields and occupations in which women have been excluded. This project is designed for racial, cultural religious minority women and Indigenous women to have access and success in the professional world as mainstream women. This project will create collaboration among mainstream and ethno-cultural and Aboriginal women to break barriers to employment, non-traditional occupations and accreditation requirement. It will provide effective mentorship within a Canadian Multicultural and gender discrimination framework, including how to address inequality, racism and discrimination against immigrant women.


All in all, there is no doubt. Dorothy Briggs is making a difference.


Executive Director

Dorothy Briggs

7516 – 186 Street

T5T 6A6